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fresh faces contest | san luis obispo child photographer

i'm excited to announce a contest to take advantage of this gorgeous spring season here on the central coast!

if you've been thinking about scheduling a portrait session with jasmine johnson photography, now is your chance to win one! the winner of this contest will receive:

  • an on-location mini-session (30-45 minutes)
  • 5 digital images on disc
  • five 5x7 prints
  • a $425 value!
  • session must be held by may 31
over the next two weeks, i'll collect entry pictures of your cute kiddos for this contest.  starting the week of april 5, voting will begin on this blog.  you can vote once a day for your favorite kid - and send your friends and family here to do the same!  voting will last one week.

to enter, please email a recent picture of your child to me: jasmine@jasminejohnsonphotography.com.  in your email, please include your name, phone number and your child's name and age (this information will not be used on my blog, just the picture will be posted.)  i recommend submitting just ONE image.  you'll be allowed to vote just once a day, and you won't want to split your votes between your kiddos!  *depending on the number of entries, i may bring in help to pre-screen the entries - i cannot guarantee that your entry will be included in the contest (but i'll try to get them all in, i promise!)


kirk & libby, joel, caleb and leif | morro bay family photography

after this session, i'm convinced that if my two kids were boys, i'd likely be 15 pounds thinner :) joel and caleb just ate up the camera (and my fruit snacks!) leif was a little more of a challenge (as all 1 1/2 year olds are!) but i managed to catch him a few times.


baby ryan | santa maria newborn photography

sweet mister ryan is just six days new. the calmest, sleepiest baby i've met to date. he was a week and a half overdue and his family couldn't be happier that he's finally here.

look at those smiling eyes!

for ryan's daddy:


miss marley | san luis obispo baby photography

sweet miss marley is just over four months old. i really love these black and white images. i think each one could possibly be a different child - but really it's just a different aspect of this little one's personality shining through.


just us | pismo family photography

i've had clients say that they think pictures at the beach are cliche. maybe, but i think a session with me is always unique.

jimmie, the girls and i headed down to the pier the other night to enjoy this amazing place where we live.


tatianna | santa maria senior photography


the hubs | week 8/52

i spend so much time photographing other people's families, sometimes my own gets a little neglected, especially my husband jimmie. i made sure to include him in the pics i took tonight at the beach (more to come from tonight, i hope!)


amazing! | week 7/52

after an unusually rainy january, this week's summer-like weather is refreshing and surprising! now i await the fog :)


attention high school juniors!


static | week 6/52

my daughter logan at the park this week... i'm loving the intense look and her wild hair from the static of the slide.


wonderful saturday | arroyo grande child photography

yesterday i held an afternoon of valentine mini sessions... to my surprise, boys were five of my six subjects! these sessions were a ton of fun for me. i wasn't trying different locations and poses with these kids for an hour, we just ran around for 15 minutes, told jokes and got lots of genuine smiles (and sparkly eyes, wow!)

cutie zeke... so much more interested in rearranging the gravel driveway than in smiling for me, we caught a few adorable looks.

noah clearly loves the camera... and the camera returns the love. can you believe those eyelashes?

seriously. this kid is a heartbreaker.

noah's little brother levi. quiet and a little silly, i'm pretty sure he's just too cool for me.

love the brother love.

do families get more gorgeous than this?

willa. this girl has the most beautiful, sparkly brown eyes possible. (can you see the reflection of me and the sky in there?)

her brother breger. i hope he and noah never end up in the same class, the girls might just explode from these boys' cuteness.

and skyler. exuberant and thoughtful at the same time. this image is a new favorite of mine, i think.


two princesses | week 5/52


looking up | week 4/52

i love this view


lindsey | sean | gracie | lily | silas | san luis obispo family photography

what a fantastic way to start a new year of family portraits! lindsey and sean have the cutest, sweetest kids (okay, maybe i fall in love with all the kids i photograph?) the most wonderfully decorated house - i want to move in. and they were all about casual, unposed pictures. such a fun, silly, easy session.

lindsey runs a lovely online shop called the pleated poppy. check it out if you have any girls in your life who need a gift :)

so...... on to the pics:


bathtime | week 3/52

there's nothing better than bath time around here. sisters get along, giggle, laugh and splash, and everyone comes out smelling sweet and ready for bed.

february promotion | arroyo grande child photography

well, i still need to catch up on lots and lots of adorable family images, but first... a special event, just in time for valentine's day:

contact me through the e-mail link above to reserve your session!


our town | week 2/52

after sharing this image with a group of fellow photographers, i was told how much the signs indicate our sweet small town. i've always loved this sign. the surroundings aren't the best... lots of wires and street signs and a bus stop bench just out front, but the theater itself is great. i can smell that burning popcorn oil now.


last of the lights | week 1/52

so... i'm attempting to take one 'out of the norm' image each week this year. i initially thought i'd take one per day, but i know myself too well to think that i could even CHOOSE 365 pictures for the year, let alone pick up my camera daily and find creativity. (no guarantees that i won't throw in a few images of the two most gorgeous girls i know...) on new year's day, i hadn't taken any pictures, so at 10pm i found our christmas lights to be my best subject. they would come down the next day after all. maybe light will be my theme for the year?

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