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baby | hank

hank is five months old and just about as cute and drooly and chubby as could be. he was a joy to spend time with this morning!

hank decided to wake his daddy and mommy up extra early this morning so they'd have plenty of time to get ready for the photo session...

early wake-up = sweet sleepy babe


my | birthday | girl

happy happy birthday to my sweet four year old!

and for a little flashback...


baby | jake

here's a few more from my sessions with baby jake. he's just a week old here.

i know i already posted this one, but i love it!

check out those big feet!


kai | leila | monica | jordan

monica owns the salon i go to and is one of the nicest people i've ever met. her family is gorgeous and fabulous!

kai the tree climber. the image on the right is one of my favorites of the day.

another fave... leila needed a little sugar to keep going :)

girls vs. boys. a little different?

the signature goofy family shot... they were so much fun!


jake | lloyd

first of all, please excuse my blog while it gets an update.

secondly... i just had to share this warm, fuzzy goodness.


reece | cara

these girls were so much fun to play with! i certainly didn't anticipate a toddler/preschooler tennis session when i arrived at their house, but it was a great way for the girls to warm up to me. plus, reese has an awesome backhand!

aagh! seriously.

their beautiful mama, ilsa, got a few sweet moments with her girls


bethanni | ryan | eli | thad

i will never claim that running around for an hour with a toddler and a preschooler (um, and trying to get great pictures) is easy, but i do love it! plus, i get plenty of practice in my daily life.

true to birth order personalities in my home, eli is older, more independent and exuberant. thad is beyond sweet (i adore this age), a little shy and aims to please--even if he doesn't realize it.

just when we thought eli was going to curl up on this bench and hide from me the rest of the day, he turned on the charm!

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