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hank is five months old and just about as cute and drooly and chubby as could be. he was a joy to spend time with this morning!

hank decided to wake his daddy and mommy up extra early this morning so they'd have plenty of time to get ready for the photo session...

early wake-up = sweet sleepy babe


Paige 5/30/09, 5:50 PM  

They are amazing! You are amazing. We had fun this morning... sorry he was such a seriously sleepy guy. He knew it was not a normal day somehow, and went wacky. Now (at almost 6pm) when he is usually his crankiest, he is all smiles. Who would have known?

Ang 5/30/09, 7:24 PM  

Look at those eyes! What a gorgeous boy, and I happen to quite like those sleepy images. Perfect! :)

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