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i was beyond excited for the chance to photograph lisa leonard's family last weekend. i'm a big fan of her handmade jewelry and am consistently impressed with her lovely, creative daily blog.

we met up in morro bay for a fun family urban session.

matty and the trolley stop... matty is a superhero in training and is definitely faster than my camera:

i'm sure lisa and steve wondered what on earth i was doing with their son here... but they let us play, and i was rewarded with one sweet image (and a head on my shoulder peeking at the viewfinder to see himself, even superheroes have cuddly moments!)

this one just screams parenthood to me... mom & dad have everything under control:

some family randomness:

and some family sweetness:

thank you lisa and steve and matty and david! it was a joy to meet you.

head over to lisa's site and check out her gorgeous necklaces. (slip a link into your hubby's e-mail!) she's even sharing a 10% discount, just enter 'findbeauty' when you check out.


themurphys 11/28/09, 8:40 PM  

This one was fun to see too since i love Lisa's work and blog. She did Hadley's baby bracelet (that she still has on and literally has since birth (3.5 years!)...for real, like I don't even take it off for baths or anything!) Beautiful fam and beautiful pics!

Healing My Family 12/4/09, 6:08 AM  

What a GORGEOUS family!!! I love all the interactive moments you captured.

erin royer 12/15/09, 6:11 PM  

Jasmine! i couldn't be more excited to see your photography! you portrayed the leonard family beautifully! you are rockin' behind that camera girl! <3, your proud hairstylist!

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