baby | jake

here's a few more from my sessions with baby jake. he's just a week old here.

i know i already posted this one, but i love it!

check out those big feet!


angie warren 5/18/09, 2:34 PM  

Ah these are fun! I love how creative you got, goodness girlie :) Totally inspired me to look outside my "box" with newbies! Hugs!

Gooey Goodness Of Life 5/28/09, 8:08 PM  

I adore baby feet!!!!!! and the one with the dog... makes me smile....:) I so want to try something like that when i have our next one.... lol

kiley walker 6/5/09, 11:42 AM  

i LOVE the one of him by the pin...patrick would love a similar picture since he's a gung-ho golfer! these photos are amazing! i have to find a way up to slo to see you jasmine! i need you to photograph will!

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